2014 Resolutions and Goals:

Just like last year all this month I have posted in my Instagram about my resolutions this year and now it's the end of January (and the Chinese New Year!) So... here goes! (in no particular order)

Resolution 1: Eat more veggies. My "goal" is to eat more healthy in general, but specifically to have more nutrient rich vegetables as a larger portion of my meals!


Resolution 2: Correspond more! I love getting letters and fun things in the mail, so I'm going to work on sending more things to people in my life in order to share the wealth!! (Starting off with this stack of belated Christmas cards!)

Resolution 3: Decorate the house. We started this at the end of 2013, but I definitely want to keep at it in 2014. My hope is that we'll be mostly done with this project by mid-year. ;)

Resolution 4: Decorate for holidays AND (the kicker) take down decorations in a fairly timely manner (like within a week or so of said holiday's passing).

Resolution 5: Exercise. This was a resolution last year... (And many years previous, really).. But something has GOT to give! I miss the energy... I miss the post-work-out high. I miss the feeling of accomplishment. I even miss the feeling of sore muscles (not CRAZY SORE, but somewhat sore... Who likes crazy sore?). So I'm back on the horse. Trying again. Etc. 2-3 times a week is my goal for now. It's not ideal, but it's something.

Resolution 6: Work on the office. This picture is of "my half" of the office (give or take). It's not a usable space by any means. My goal is to work on this so that I can do projects up here and have some safe spots for Skylar to play while I'm doing it. It's also a room I want to decorate, but first things first: I need ORDER and to clear out clutter. Wish me luck!

Resolution 7: Dishes. If you know me at all you know that dishes are my most hated chore... That I consider them a "nemesis" of sorts and that I truly dislike doing dishes as much as they easily pile up! (Yes, I'm being dramatic. Deal with it.) . . Ok. So. My resolution is NOT to always do dishes right away... Or to not leave them overnight sometimes. Because it's just not realistic to set those things as goals. Instead I'm going to resolve to do more dishes when I have a spare moment. To make a better effort to get them done when I can and to not let them pile up so much or for as long as I do. Additionally, I want to strive to have the whole kitchen clean/dishes completed (nothing in the sink/counter waiting to be cleaned) at least once a week.

Resolution 8: Use this stuff! I know that's simplistic, but I really just want to be more creative and use more nail art items when I do my manicures (and if I work on other's mani's). I also want to work towards crossing off more nail art methods on my "want to try" list:

Also: fan brush method, using acrylic paint, & a "spotted mani" using hairspray or spray hand sanitizer.

(I've actually tried the first two in this list, but I want to knock out more of them!)

Final thoughts: I will try to post progress reports this year! Haha. That should be a "goal" in and of itself for this year... I also have a couple general goals. I really want to work on being a better mom... on being more patient, learning better ways to communicate with my daughter... and just generally accept and embrace this life and enjoy it more. Don't get me wrong, I love being a mom. But some days are definitely better than others and sometimes I get discouraged and stuck in a rut. To help with that last part... there's my final goal...

This is something I want to work towards throughout the year, but is bigger than just one resolution. So... here goes... I want to dream and grow and develop something creative that's *mine*. It doesn't have to be something that brings in money (though that would be nice), but it does need to be something that I do that I take ownership of and control. Some of my ideas right now are pretty big and some are really small. It's just a general concept I want to figure out and determine how to pursue something important to me as well as be a good mom and wife.

So, what about you!?!? What are some of your resolutions or goals for 2014?

xo, Emmie

A Month Of Thanksgiving

I have an Instagram account. I really love posting pictures of a variety of subjects (though my most frequent pictures involve Skylar, our cat, nailpolish and food). Well, in early in November a friend posted something under the tag "instagratitude" and I clicked on it. Quickly I realized that the point was to post something that you are grateful/thankful for every day during the month of November. What a wonderful idea! I kept up posting almost every day (at the latest I posted a day late). I decided mid-month that at the end I would post all 30 days here! I thought it would be a good place to remember some of the things I'm thankful for and to reveal a piece of my Instagram on my blog! I have a lot to be thankful/grateful for... way more than what I'm posting here, but these are the things that "struck me" each day. Without further ado:

Day 1: Thankful for sweet cuddly moments with my baby girl while in line to checkout at the grocery store.


Day 2: So thankful that I get to stay home & take care of my little sick girl.


Day 3: So incredibly thankful for my beautiful Momma! Today is her birthday & I am so glad she's my Mom! (picture from the archives)


Day 4: Thankful for progress. (Unpacking with a newborn in the house has been a slow process, but things are finally coming together!)


Day 5: Appreciation. I am thankful that I was able to make dinner today & it was enjoyed.


Day 6: Grateful that with the help of my husband (he rocked taking care of Skylar) Sky & I are ~95% packed for tomorrow.


Day 7:  I'm so thankful that Skylar slept for most of the plane ride & was great for all of it! Also grateful that the flight attendants were nice & TSA agents were helpful & kind. So it turns out that flying with a baby is the best way to travel!


Day 8: Grateful for time with good friends! Today was a great day! (& Skylar is 3 months old today! Also thankful for 3 month pictures!)


Day 9: Thankful for quality time spent shopping with Mom & Skylar today. Can't wait to give these gifts tomorrow!


Day 10: I love the way my daughter brings a smile to anyone & everyone's face! We had a great day together at 2 different baby showers. So grateful for that!


Day 11: I was blessed to worship with family today. So thankful I got to be there while my youngest brother played on the worship team.


Day 12: Thankful that my dad was willing to pick me up in Newark & that my parents are now bringing me back there.

Day 13: I'm so thankful for the way he loves her. Seeing Jimmy with Skylar melts my heart & brings me joy.

Day 14: So thankful for this sweet kitty!!


Day 15: So thankful for my Daddy! The way he loves my daughter & me makes me smile! (picture from 11.8.12)


Day 16: Grateful for new toys to entertain my beautiful daughter while I got things done today!


Day 17: So grateful for time with friends celebrating their little girl! Also incredibly thankful for their hospitality!!


Day 18:  Grateful for a good travel day & watching Skylar meet her great grandparents in Ohio! So thankful for today! (btw, I cheated a bit. The top left picture is Skylar with her Grandma G... so these aren't ONLY her great grandparents!)


Day 19:  I'm grateful for how well this girl sleeps! 6+ hours for her "first sleep" last night left me feeling pretty good today!


Day 20: I'm grateful for the warm & fuzzy blanket my mother in law put on this bed. It's simple, but so comfy & warm! I appreciate her thoughtfulness!


Day 21:  I'm grateful I had time to work on my blog today!! Two lengthy posts were finally finished & posted!


Day 22: So thankful for our little family & all the adventures we have together!


Day 23: So grateful for my wonderful inlaws! They love Skylar so much! They are already wonderful grandparents!


Day 24:  I'm grateful for laughter with good people! Tonight was awesome. (I don't have a picture of the people we were with, so this silly Skylar picture will have to be good enough... She's trying to smile while she yawns).

Day 25: So grateful for these moments nourishing my daughter. The quiet ones at bedtime are my favorite. I'm so thankful breastfeeding has been successful for us!

Day 26:  I'm so grateful that I was able to fully unpack from our trip today! I unpacked Skylar's stuff too! & also did a load of laundry!

Day 27: Today I am grateful for this man & that I get to call him "mine." He's amazing in so many ways... as a husband, father, provider & friend. I truly cannot imagine my life without him. I love you, Jimmy. Now. Forever. Always. ❤

Day 28:  I'm grateful for quiet moments. Loving being a stay-at-home Mom today! So grateful for that & this moment to think about how much I love it!

Day 29: I am grateful for love & forgiveness that I don't deserve. For kindness in the face of anger.... For the soft word that turns away wrath.

Day 30:  I'm grateful for fun & thoughtful early Christmas packages from family! I'm also thankful for the last month of posting these! It's been a good reminder that I have lots to be thankful (& grateful) for!  

I would also love to add some awesome news we got today, but it's not time yet... I AM thankful/grateful for it, though! (and it's not that I'm pregnant, or anyone I know is pregnant or getting married or anything of that sort! No guesses... cuz most won't be even close!)

I'll be back soon to blog our trip to Ohio for the week of Thanksgiving!

Xo, Emily