A Long Time Ago... We used to be friends...

(& maybe we can be again?) Veronica Mars. You may or may not have seen this incredibly smart and interesting TV show, but if you haven't you should. It is witty, intelligent, and, frankly, one of the best shows I've ever watched. It's easily in my top ten favorite TV shows of all time... and really, it's in my top 5 -- at least.

If you HAVE seen Veronica Mars, then you know that it was cancelled way before it's time. Since the show ended there have been rumors and discussions online and tweets, and, well, you get the idea... about a MOVIE to give Mars-ers some closure and to enjoy the characters and the richness that is the Veronica Mars universe for a bit longer. Since the show ended in 2007, I had pretty much given up hope that a movie would actually happen. Then today I hopped on Facebook for a bit while Skylar was napping and what do I see? THIS AMAZING VIDEO:


And this website... with $800,000+ ALREADY RAISED as a "kick start" for the project: The Veronica Mars Movie Project. To say I'm impressed with our fans is an understatement... but I'm not SURPRISED. This is exactly what I would expect from the die-hard fans that loved Veronica Mars. The very same fans who paid for a blimp to fly by the CW offices (in an attempt to keep the show on the air) and who paid to have half a ton of Mars Bars sent to the offices as well. THEY LOVE THE SHOW because it's AWESOME.

So, will you jump on board? Will you help fund this truly ground-breaking project??!?! I will be ... I hope you will be too!

xx, A Marshmellower