6 Months Old!

Dear Skylar Joy, Happy half a year birthday, baby girl! How did you get to be 6 months old!??!?!?! Half a year is a long time! It's so very strange to be excited about how much you're growing and sad about it at the same time! I love all the things you're learning to do... but I hate that you're growing up so quickly!

SO, baby girl... there's lots to write this month (as usual), but first I wanted to talk about the last 6 months. 6 months ago my life (and your dad's) was irreversibly changed when you entered the world at 1:46 on a Wednesday. I saw you and I fell in love. I cried and held you close and loved on you for as long as I could. As I told you way back at the beginning you had to leave my arms for some medical care, but I longed to just hold you and gaze at you forever. A week and a half later we were home with you. Things weren't "perfect" and "sunshinny" all the time (your momma had quite a bit of adjustment to make emotionally, mentally, and healing she needed physically), but every day was beautiful in it's own way. I'm so thankful for the time I've gotten to spend with you -- getting to know you and learning about your likes and dislikes. You keep growing and changing, though, so sometimes I feel like I can barely keep up! You're so amazing to me, baby girl!

This month seems to be all about communication. You're not talking yet (at least not really), but you seem to be communicating better and better (which I suppose is to be expected, but is rather fun for your Dad & I to experience). You consistently "ask" to feed by making a face -- especially with your dad. You also now get excited, grin and sometimes giggle when mommy makes the "eat" face to you. When I'm not sure if you're hungry I make the face and you make it pretty obvious if you're interested in eating. I also know that once I make the face you will be expecting to eat SOON. You do not do well with delays, baby girl... I wonder who you take after with that??!!? (your dear mom, of course!)

You are now including "da-da-da-da-da" in the sounds you make. This is in addition to the continued "ma-ma-ma" and "ba-ba-ba" sounds you were previously making. Daddy LOVES that you're saying "Da-Da" and encourages you to say it! It's so cute listening to you repeat after him!

Other ways you now interact with us include: Loving for us to put your feet on our faces. I know it sounds odd, and we discovered it by accident, but it typically cracks you up! The first time we did it you laughed the most (1/12), but most of the time it still makes you laugh when we plant your feet on our faces. You also totally get "peek-a-boo" now and love it. You laugh so much when Daddy or I play peek-a-boo with you!

You are very interested in food that we're eating. You now tend to ask to be fed more frequently when WE are eating. It makes us think that you understand that WE are getting to eat and you are upset that you are not eating too. This fascination will hopefully come in handy as you start eating "big people foods". Speaking of "big people food" you have enjoyed your first "meal" that's not breastmilk this month! Momma steamed some veggies for you to try and we started with purple potatoes (1/31). Your Dad and I enjoyed watching you try to suck and "chew" at the food... You also get this really peculiar look on your face when trying a new texture (or when drinking cold water). It's so funny... It almost looks like you don't want to eat it, but you plow ahead through the uncertainty and keep making it obvious to us that you want more. So far so good! Next month's update will probably be more about food!

Okay, back to communication: you have started talking to your stuffed animals and toys. Your Daddy noticed this first one day while you were in your crib (you don't sleep there yet, but we do put you in there from time to time while doing something -- just to keep you out of trouble). Your crib is filled with stuffed animals and toys -- including a giant stuffed bear your Gram Gram & Pop Pop gave you when you were born. Your dad found you one day pulling your bear's head down to your level and talking to him (2/3). You were having a conversation with him just like you do with your Daddy when he comes home from work at night. It was so cute! You have since started talking with the bunny rattle you have attached to your carseat and your Mommy has heard you talking with your bear and other stuffed animals on a few other occasions too.

Other firsts:

You sat up from lounging in the Boppy all on your own! You stayed that way for a while before falling over (1/11). Later in the month you were able to sit up without using your hands to steady you and stayed sitting up for at least a minute (2/1).

You had your first "ride" on your daddy's shoulders this month. You also rode on my shoulders later that day, but you were most excited by being way up high on Daddy's. You tend to have a great time with your Daddy and that makes me so very happy, baby girl!

This month you have chosen to stop sleeping on your back. I say "chosen" because as soon as I put you down on your back you flip onto your stomach to sleep. Usually it's within a minute and even if I put you back onto your back you will just flip onto your stomach again. This makes Mommy really happy that we've already discontinued swaddling completely and you now sleep in a sleep "sack" that keeps your arms completely free. So, while things still say "back is best" you have a little mind of your own -- as per usual -- and I guess it's tummy sleeping from now on.

Your favorite toys this month are: REMOTES. All of them, but especially the remote that lights up. We bought you a toy remote for Christmas (we had Christmas as a family on your 6 month birthday, baby girl) and you like that toy alright, but you still prefer the ones that Mommy & Daddy use (go figure).

You are beautiful and growing every day, my darling daughter! I cannot wait to see what you discover tomorrow!

I love you always & forever, Mommy

Ps. You attended your first Super Bowl party this month as well... and here are a few pictures Aunt Mary took while we were there (2/3):

photo 13-ed-sz

photo 11-ed-sz

photo 12-ed-sz

(You were so very interested in your brand-new-socks that you were playing with them and trying to get them off and into your mouth while on Aunt Mary's lap... Silly bean, you're so cute!)