Love Day:

Valentine's Day gets a pretty bad rap (seriously... many people HATE the holiday). I've always considered it a great day to let people in your life know that you LOVE them and that they matter to you. I've enjoyed sending little "love notes" to people in the past telling them how much they matter to me and how much I love them. This year is no exception. It took me a little while to get back in the V-day-spirit (most likely because we did Christmas as a family SO LATE this year), but I'm there -- full force! And I can't wait for tomorrow. I have several surprises on their way to people and that makes me giddy!

Valentine's Day is an excuse for me to be fun, play with heart pictures, post quirky things, and generally espouse love. That's it in a nutshell. I love loving and showing others love.

So, this year I'm firmly embracing that and trying to shower love on those in my life! I'm doing better in some areas than on others... And honestly, I'm getting "into the game" way too late to truly send out lots of Valentine's, but I'll be sending a lot virtually... and that counts! (WHAT??? IT DOES!)

I sooooo look forward to being able to spend this day with Skylar in the future. Teaching her about showing people love... and expressing it in ways that will make others feel warm, gooey and oh-so-cared-for!

So, for now... here's to love and all it's happy properties... here's to tomorrow! & the surprises that lie in store for some of you!


♥, Emmie